The BIG day!

I must confess that I am really excited about the release of my first book tomorrow!  I always wanted to be a published author!  I’ve been writing stories and journaling for as long as I can remember!   And, to this day would rather sit down and compose a letter long hand rather than shoot an email to someone!

What a journey it has been, from the moment the idea of EE Otter was born until the day I handed the finished manuscript to Dr. Sam Lowry from Ambassador International!  And all along the way, even in the darker times, the times I seem to stumble along wrestling with weariness or doubt or frustration, I look back and see God’s amazing faithfulness to the plans He had for me!

So, tomorrow marks a new beginning for me, a “new morning” metaphorically speaking!  And I am beginning to realize that as I face the excitement of tomorrow, I will find not just the beginning of a new “morning” but the promise of new mercies, fresh and ready for me straight from His loving hand!

To read more on my thoughts about God’s mercies, visit my official website: and read today’s blog: New Morning, New Mercies! Let me know how God has demonstrated His new mercies in your life, won’t you?


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