Book Reviews: Two Great Purchases for Brave Day After Christmas Shoppers

For those of you that are mustering all of your courage to brave the shopping world this day after Christmas I want to share my thoughts on two books that are definitely worth checking out for the reader in your life!

The first one is by author Cecil Murphey who has written or co-written more than 120 books in his incredible career!  This includes such titles as Heaven is for Real (with Don Piper) and Gifted Hands: the Ben Carson Story (with Dr. Ben Carson) which are both great stories!

The book I would like to review for you is Mr. Murphey’s  Knowing God, Knowing Myself.  It is a candid look at the author’s heartfelt quest for deeper intimacy with his Creator and Savior.  Each of the 68 chapters, or entries, read like short devotionals where Mr. Murphey shares a personal experience that has led him to a greater understanding and awareness of God’s work in his life, of God’s character and truth.  He ends each of these short chapters with an aphorism, a concise statement that sums up the lesson making the truth easy to remember and to absorb.  Then there is short affirmation prayer that the reader can pray.   What great tools for the reader to use to engage in their own journey towards a greater understanding of our great God and to apply these truths to his or her own life.

One of the chapters that hit home to me was the entry titled “Furthering My Plans”.  I was at a  place where I was frustrated with my own writing process and trying to discern God’s direction.  Mr. Murphey’s aphorism at the end of the chapter truly became a sweet truth for my soul: “God, forgive me for trying to make you into someone who helps me further my plans.  Teach me instead to rely on you so that I can further your plans.”  What a beautiful reminder to me of the peace available in God when I am pursuing His plans and purpose!  So if you’re looking for a worthwhile after Christmas purchase, I highly recommend Knowing God, Knowing Myself !

The second book I would like to review for you is an autobiography by Larry Vaughn titled Hollywood’s Chosen.  It was published by Ambassador International.  I received a free copy of this book as part of Ambassador International’s blogger review program.

I really loved this book!  It was such an easy and enjoyable read that I finished it in three days!  Mr. Vaughn does a wonderful job weaving the journey of his life and faith, from teenage ticket taker at a local movie theater to one of Hollywood’s elite film buyers in a way that captivates his readers!

With an unmistakable but gentle candor, Mr. Vaughn shares his own struggles with faith in God.  Hollywood’s Chosen serves as a beautiful reminder of how God works behind the scenes in our lives, ordaining events, allowing obstacles and orchestrating situations in His passionate pursuit of our hearts.  There aren’t many books I re-read a second time through but this is definitely one of them!  I plan on giving a copy as a gift to my 20 year old son who is on a seeking journey of his own right now.

If you have a loved one who is travelling a prodigal’s path and you are looking for a way to share God’s love and light without beating them over the head with religion, I highly recommend Larry Vaughn’s book Hollywood’s Chosen.  And, if you want to treat yourself to something special this holiday season this is a purchase you won’t regret!

I truly hope your Christmas was blessed and beautiful!  And, may your New Year bring with it a New Year’s revelation of the great and unshakable love of our Savior!


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