Too Blessed to be Stressed………..Really?

I just have to be honest here.  This post was supposed to be available yesterday and I am still sitting here at 9:30 this morning two trashed drafts later, still trying to put into words what God has been showing me on my heart for nigh on six months.  I’ve mentioned before that I am a word girl and my family can attest to the fact that when I am on my soapbox I surely do not lack for words!  Yet, sitting here, wanting to share with you what the truly blessed life is really about, I find myself unable to put it all together.  Father, help me to express Your heart on this matter as I go forward now.

In Christian circles the latest “in” phraseology almost always includes something with a derivative of the word bless in it.  It’s almost heresy to not reply with some form of the phrase I used in my title when someone at church asks how you are doing.   Matter of fact, I gave the exact above reply to a church member months ago, and that’s what got me to thinking of what a life that is pronounced “blessed” by God really looks like.  Because at the time, mine surely didn’t feel like a “blessed” life!  We had endured much financial, emotional, physical, material and family hardship in a two year period and I wanted to not just say cute things like: “I’m too blessed to be stressed!”, I wanted to live it out!  To come to a place of consistent and constant rest in God and His love was the blessed place I wanted to be, but was it really attainable?  Those were the things rolling around in my mind and in my heart on a warm July morning.

And so God led me to discover something in Matthew 5:3-12. in Jesus famous Sermon on the Mount.  The portion we call the Beattitudes is God’s recipe for the truly blessed life!  The place where Jesus turns the whole prosperity gospel upside down so that in our pursuit of Him we can be rightside up before God the Father  And the secret ingredient in His recipe lies in the real, deep and rich meaning of the word “Blessed” (not happy, by the way, even though modern translations use that word.)  that Jesus chose to use.  This word is the Greek word, “Makarios”.

Strongs’ Concordance says this about the word makarios: ” the idea embodied in this word is satisfaction from experiencing the fullness of something”  I like the way that Bill Klein from Greek Thoughts says it: “Blessed is the state of one who has become a partaker of God; to experience the fullness of God”  The Makarios Life, the life that is lived with the fullness of God’s indwelling presence, Him in me, I in Him, not based on my subjective, outward circumstances but rooted in the inward, objective reality of who I am in Christ.  Not happy, but blessed!  It is a life about proper perspective not proper possessions!  It is a life about satisfaction found in God alone, not in the things I have or acquire.

Imagine choosing to live life everyday in the fullness of God’s grace; in the complete knowledge of His unfailing love; in the reality of the things which no outward circumstance can increase or decrease for us!  To be immovably rooted in the only thing that is immovable: the Resurrected Christ and His power and love!  Makarios living!  Forty-four times in the New Testament God inspired the writers to use this particular word for blessed.  There must be something remarkable about this type of blessed living!  There must be a power in this Makarios mindset that when lived out will bring strength, peace and joy to our lives that cannot be shaken!

Makarios living—a life blessed beyond measure because of the objective reality that who I really am in Christ!   When we replace what we feel “blessed” is with the reality of what God tells us blessed is then we can confidently say we are “Too blessed to be stressed……..REALLY!”

Join me each week as I break down the reality of the Makarios life as God speaks of it in His Word.  Next week we’ll begin with “Blessed (not happy) are the poor in spirit”  What does that mean?  And what does it me to be “poor in spirit” so that we can begin to live in the reality of our MAKARIOS LIFE?  I would be honored if you would share this journey with me!


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