Might be just what you need……….Juana Mikels new book: Choosing Him All Over Again

In the preface of her book, Juana shares her initial trepidation when she felt as though God was asking her to publish her story. She admits to being a numbers girl, not a word girl, so the thought of writing her story down for others to read hardly seemed plausible to her. Then she shares what God whispered to her that day in response to her hesitations: “Tell everyone when you first learned of Me, when you first fell in love with Me-after I reached down and loved you first.” And so, Juana Mikels does just that in Choosing Him All Over Again: A Story of Romance and Redemption. And I, for one, am so glad she was obedient to that call! With gentle candor and transparency, Juana leads her readers through the story of her own selfish brokeness that led her to leave her husband in pursuit of finding the “something” that she felt was missing from her life. To me, the quote that I used from the preface of Choosing Him All Over Again, sums up the beautiful theme Juana weaves throughout her story. This simple yet profound truth of a God who reached down and loved selfish,broken humanity first! There are so many walking wounded in marriages; so many lives broken through domestic violence, through divorce; so many singles believing the lie that another human being can give them the “something” they’ve been missing all their lives! This story gets to the heart of each of those situations. Juana’s writing made me feel like a trusted friend walking side by side with her on her journey. And as any trusted friend would do, she cared enough to refuse to dance around the hard things, sharing honestly, how God desires His children to view marriage and to live out their faith inside of that very marriage. One of those honest, straight on shots for me was this: “We are our choices, not our feelings. We don’t have to follow our feelings” (p.103) Yet she shares God’s truths with grace filled encouragement and love, free of the religious dogma that further wounds many of those who have suffered through divorce, domestic abuse, or empty marriages. She always points the wounded to the arms of a loving God who is the true romancer, redeemer, and restorer of their souls! In Choosing Him All Over Again, Juana reminds her readers to hold on to God’s principles, to live them out, to pray and seek Him in all areas of their lives. There are practical tips on praying for husbands, check points for refreshing your marriage, steps to follow if you are separated or divorced, these bonuses make this not only an enjoyable read, but a powerfully packed toolbox for repairing, strengthening, or restoring marriages! Because the focal point of her story is the power and grace of God, I would eagerly recommend it to singles as well! And if your heart has been marred by the pain of divorce, don’t think that this book has nothing to offer to you! Juana consistently points to the freedom and healing power of God’s love to all who seek Him. Since this is my blog I guess I can feel free to rate Choosing Him All Over Again, A Story of Romance and Redemption a 10 out of 5 stars! I truly believe, that no matter what your situation, you will find encouragement and Godly truths throughout Juana’s story!

For more information about this book check out Ambassador International’s website at:

And for more information about Juana Mikels and her ministry visit her at:


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