Compassion International: Blog Tour in the Dominican Republic

About a month ago our family made the decision to sponsor a child through Compassion International.  Our sponsored child is a little boy named Birhanu from Ethiopia.  We felt the strong urging of the Holy Spirit asking us to step out in faith and to make a difference in another’s life.  And, for us, in our current situation it is absolutely a step of faith!

We made the decision, as a family, because it impacts us, as a family!  You see, my husband has been unemployed for over a year.  Countless applications, job leads and recommendations have all been dead ends.  And we struggle.  Our boys don’t get new clothes or shoes.  Their wardrobe consists of “gently used” and “not so gently used” clothing.  And definitely not so gently used big brother hand-me-downs!

We have experienced the kindness of our family, friends and gracious church family.  I cannot explain to you the amazing ways God has provided for us.  We know that we are blessed to live in a country where so many people who are blessed pass along those blessings to people in difficult situations.  We have humbly been the recipients of so many blessings that flow out of living here in America.

I think, often in the quiet of the night, after the boys are long tucked into bed: “what about the Mom who lives in a country where all those around her are struggling with poverty and unemployment?  What about the mom who tucks her little ones into bed hungry and sick because she doesn’t have access to a food bank or a church family that can step in and help alleviate her burden?”  And I realize that even in our struggles over the past year, my family is blessed in so many ways!

We have all realized that and that is why we decided, as a family, to sponsor a child who doesn’t have access to all of the blessings have been imparted to our family during our darker days!  It is our turn, it is our time, it is our great privilege to shine a little light into Birhanu’s life and return to one living in great need the beauty of a Savior and the heart of a family who wants to give something good back to someone in need!

Won’t you take a minute to click on the banner below?  The Compassion bloggers touring the Domincan Republic are challenging us to go global, to change life for 300 children and their families!  Share the blessings and be blessed!


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