What a college education can (and might not) do for you………if you live in the Dominican Republic

As an educator and a mom I am constantly reminding my students and my sons that a college education will open more opportunities for them than they can imagine!  And, in the majority of the cultures in the western world that would be true.  In my naivte, I figured that the same would hold true even in third world countries; maybe especially in a country rife with poverty.  That is why this story from Compassion Blogger Bonnie Grey who is in the Dominican Republic right now both shocked and encouraged me!

Read the story of how Bonnie met a Compassion child and his family to find out how Compassion International is bringing the love of Christ into lives torn apart by pain and poverty.  If you’d like to help us reach our goal of 300 children in the DR sponsored, click this banner:


To read Bonnie’s story click here: http://www.faithbarista.com/2015/02/why-love-is-not-a-consolation-but-a-light/

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