Live Television Interviews This Weekend – What I Learned

I was so very glad to share my Greemville experience with my friend Maria! This week we’ll be blogging about some of the things we learned from our first tv interviews and our book signings. Today I am re-blogging Maria’s post. She does a great job giving you a window into lessons learned from two newbie authors. I know you’ll enjoy it! And, check out her blog at: for great author interviews, fire safety tips and just plain, good, old writing! I am so blessed to have her as a friend, encourager, and fellow traveler on this writing journey.

Children's Author - Maria Bostian

Had the wonderful opportunity to go on two live interview segments this weekend. I was a guest author, along with Laura Taylor. We had a great time, but learned a few things, too. Laura and I met last year at the Write 2 Ignite Conference at North Greenville University and have been fast friends ever since. We’ve walked (hopped, skipped, tripped, etc.) along this path to publishing together and are here in Greenville this weekend for interviews and a joint book signing later this afternoon at Barnes and Noble, Inc.

On Friday morning, we were part of the Your Carolina Segment that was filmed during the 10:00 a.m. hour at Michelin on Main, right in the heart of Greenville. The studio is part of the Michelin store and is directly on the street corner. It is an interesting location, fore sure. We met some other unique people being interviewed, as…

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