Review of By God’s Design: Overcoming Same-Sex Attractions- A True Story

I guess it goes without saying that the whole topic of homosexuality, same-sex attraction, and gay marriage is an explosive one these days.  In By God’s Design: Overcoming Same-Sex Attractions–A True Story, author Judith Hartzell handles the topic with much grace yet she doesn’t compromise the truth of the gospel nor the truth of the love of a God who came to save and transform the lives of  the broken.

This book is the biography of Alan Medinger, a man whose life was spiraling out of control due to his hidden, risky homosexual involvement.  He was an incredibly bright and successful businessman; a Sunday school teacher, father of two girls and pillar of the community.  Yet he struggled with same-sex attraction and felt hopeless and trapped.

When Alan truly encounters Christ as his personal Savior he realizes that God didn’t just come to change him, but to transform him.  Not to change his heart but to exchange it for the heart of Christ.

Ms. Hartzell does a wonderful job of weaving the story of Alan and his wife Willa into the story of the gospel of Jesus Christ who came to make all things new.  It is a story of love and power and transformation that is full of love, grace, and kindness.  By God’s Design is not only a fascinating read, it is also full of practical information that can help anyone who may struggle with same-sex attraction or those who desire to minister the love of Christ to someone they know who is engaged in this struggle.

I highly recommend it to anyone who desires a deeper understanding of the truth of God’s Word and His design for man.  It would be a great asset to a pastor or christian counselor’s reference library.

If you would like more information about this please visit the following website:

I received this book free of charge from Ambassador International.


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