Book Review: Hard Fighting Soldier Joe Cannon: 65 years of Pioneer Gospel Exploits for the Glory of God

The story of Joe Cannon is truly one of incredible exploits and deeply abiding faith in the God who called him to go and preach the gospel!   One quote from Hard Fighting Soldier (p 37) says it all: “When missionaries through the years asked him how to know where to go, he would say, ‘Open your bible, open a map, and pray to the Lord of the harvest. That’s how you get you orders from headquarters.’ ”

And go he did!  From the shores of Japan and Okinawa post World War 2 to the tribes of New Guinea, he and his wife fearlessly shared the love of God with all whom they encountered.

It is apparent that author, David Sitton, truly desires to honor this man of God by providing accurate and detailed information about Joe Cannon’s life and ministry.

For more information on David Sitton’s book Hard Fighting Soldier click the link below:

I received this book free of charge from the publisher Ambassador International


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