The Sweet Ones and the Wild

Well it is summer time and here in the deep South you can tell that just by the Vacation Bible school flyers and announcements on every corner in every sleepy, little town.  With tireless dedication an army of adult and teen volunteers pray, plan, pray, revise their plans, pray some more and then open wide the doors of each church to a group of wide eyed, energetic children from every walk of life.  To those of you who have prayed, donated, taught, worked and mostly loved these children to the heart of Jesus this summer, I want to say thank you!

Our boys are all a bit past Vacation Bible School age, but many years, many prayers and much love was poured into each of the for many summers when they were younger.  I remember your love for them.  Mostly, they remember your love for them, your love for Jesus.  This poem, one I wrote several years ago as a thank you to those of you who touched the lives of our boys, I want to share in thanks and honor of all who continue to touch the lives of countless children for the sake of Christ!

The Sweet Ones and the Wild

by Laura Taylor

The air buzzed with great excitement

on that hot Judean noon.

Crowds of anxious people knew that

Jesus would be there soon.

Tons of children laughing, playing, running everywhere

Some with clean, scrubbed faces

and neatly braided hair

Waiting patiently, obedient, with

manners all in place.

Little angels, oh so tender,with

sweet smiles upon their face.

Others, not so angelic, yelling,

running, acting wild

With many parents thinking

“I’m glad that’s not my child!”

Jesus soon arrived and great things

He did proclaim.

So full of love’s compassion

those he touched, never the same.

Parents who loved their children,

both the sweet ones and the wild

Took them up to see Jesus so that

He would bless their child

Angrily the disciples began to

shoo them all away.

Jesus the great Teacher, only had time

for important things that day!

But, Jesus gently took one  squirming

child into his arms,

Looking up at confused disciples,

he said without alarm,

“Le me bless these children, don’t

you ever hinder them!

For the kingdom heaven belongs

to such as them.”

He blessed each child that came

both the sweet ones and the wild

With kindness and love

He touched the heart of every child.

And you have done the same

as you gave your time and love

Touching the lives of little ones

you’ve touched God’s heart above.

Thank you for being Jesus to

the sweet ones and the wild

And touching for eternity

the heart of every child.


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