Too Broken to Be Used


Hey you, broken one.  You whose hands are full of the broken, busted up pieces of life, heart full of broken dreams.  Yes, you, standing there trying desperately to hold together what is left, to salvage the usable parts; to keep breathing hope into the broken pieces.  This post is for you.  I may not know your face or your situation, but I know your heart.  I know your heart because I’ve been there, in the broken, way too many times.

Yeah, sometimes the broken mess was my own doing; my own stubborn determination to tell God that I was doing things my way because, well, yeah, I knew best………..And many times the broken mess was created by someone else’s words and ugly.  Left standing there in the wake of their hurricane feeling like life was beyond repair, beyond grace, beyond help, beyond hope.  There scrambling to pick up the pieces to try and make something useful out of the mess again.  Standing there feeling stupid, played, embarrassed, shamed, guilty, afraid, exposed.  Trying so hard to believe again………I get it

See, beloved one, ever since man decided to do things his way, back in the garden, back there when God walked with him and talked with him and man knew no guilt, no shame, no embarrassment, things have been broken ever since then.

And if the brokenness isn’t enough to do you in; if the dashed hopes and crushed dreams aren’t enough to make you lose your hope’s last breath, then the voices of the Accuser will be more than glad to steal what life you have left beating in your frail chest buried under the weight of your pain.


The Accuser, that’s right, the same one who whispered in that first Garden twisting Truth in the ears of that first woman as she walked; that voice that whispered in the Wilderness, twisting Truth to tempt the Son of Man; that voice that whispers to you twisting Truth so craftily that you swallow the lie just as Eve swallowed the first bite of the forbidden fruit.

In that first Garden he came as a serpent.  Not a slimy, slithering, beast, but one that walked upright, one who must have been beautiful, beguiling enough for the Woman to not be wary.  In the Wilderness he came as the promise of greater things, if only the Son of Man would take heed; and to you, there in your garden filled with thorns; your wilderness so deep that you can’t see your way out; the Accuser whispers, twists Truth; promises better things; reminds you of your ugliness, your unworthiness, your guilt.

And listen, dear child.  Please, listen.  The Accuser will always use a shard of Truth; He will take and twist that small piece of Truth out of shape and wind it around your very soul until it becomes a part of you choking the life and the hope out of you.  And, the Accuser, he’s slick, cunning, crafty.  He will use the sweetest of voices, the most “well intentioned” of people, to remind you of your sin; of your guilt; of your shame.  Never will he allow a hint of grace to shine a glimmer of light into your soul.  No. His words will twist and wind and strangle the very notion of grace for you, of all people, right out of your weary mind.

Please, listen.  Please, beloved child of the King, hear this Truth.  His grace is NOT equal to your sin, your pain, your past mistakes.  NO!  His grace is GREATER THAN.  Close your eyes, breathe in those words: HIS GRACE IS GREATER THAN________ >>>>than ALL of the madness, brokeness, hurt.  Let that marinate deep into the fallow ground of your soul until it seeps down, way down, nourishing, breathing life there in the darkness.

See, the Accuser, he will keep those voices, the ones outside your head and inside of your head, shaming you, reminding you over and over again as to why grace doesn’t count for you, of all people.  You don’t deserve grace.  And there the Accuser has made his fatal flaw because that is Truth you can grab hold of……..he intends it to be the death blow, but, it is the very breath of life, sweet One!  The beauty of grace is it is exactly what we don’t deserve!

Oh this grace that fills the empty, broken places! This very thing that is only effective, only active, only life giving; we only get it because we DON’T DESERVE it!  Grab hold of that life line and let it lead you out of the wilderness.  This crazy, wild, thing called GRACE is yours exactly because you don’t deserve it.  It is His unmerited favor.  You don’t earn it, you can’t earn it.  So, your sin, your mistakes, your pain, CANNOT take it away.

It is the perpetual dawning of a new day.  It is the bloom that grows in spite of the frosty winter chill.  It is ALWAYS available to you; to me; the least deserving of it and the most grateful for it!

IMG_0317 (1)


Let it breathe fresh life into you today, in this present moment.  Let it lift high its’ chorus in your soul and drown out the Accuser’s discord of shame.  Let it ring loud; let it shine bright; let it become the rhythm that your heart beats out.  Let this truth be the foundation underneath your feet as you begin to navigate the path out of brokenness, out of the Garden of Shame; out of the wilderness where the Accuser held you captive.  GRACE > anything you have done; GRACE > anything you have lost; GRACE > anything you will face.  Stand upon it, breathe it in fresh each day, stepping to its’ cadence with all the assurance of heaven: It is ALL HIS AMAZING GRACE and His AMAZING GRACE is always FOR YOU right where you are!


“Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand” Romans 5:1-2






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