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Loosely defined, a vessel is a container meant for carrying something.  A container, not just to look pretty, but to be useful. Something designed to assist us in making everyday life easier, more enjoyable.  Some containers are beautiful works of art; some are plain and ordinary; some fragile while others are sturdy.  Some are broken, some whole.  pablo (22).png

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But no matter the outside, the point of a vessel is that it was designed to contain something.  That is has a usefulness.  That it was created for a purpose; to be filled.

That’s not so unlike you and me, is it?  The whole lot of us—this world of people, created as vessels by a loving, living God.  He even calls us that in His Word: “earthen vessels”.  Vessels created with purpose and for purpose; created to contain something.  The plain, ordinary; the finely crafted; the busted up and broken; the simple, the fancy…….you and me, we are vessels.  And let’s just face it: we all carry something around inside of us.  We were created with a need to be filled, a void; a “God shaped”space someone very wise once said.  Vessels meant to carry something.  And yeah, we all carry something.

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Maybe we carry hurt, anger, unforgiveness.  Perhaps we carry pain, pride, dreams, desire, hopelessness.  Maybe we carry around need, or grace, or love, or compassion.  Remember, you and me, we are God designed vessels of skin and bone–earthen vessels.  I’m sure we don’t all see ourselves that way and sometimes we rail at God saying He has no right to tell us that we were created to carry something, to contain something.  Somehow we think that it’s our body, this vessel, and no one, no One, has the right to tell us how to operate, how to live, what to carry.  So we all just carry on………….

Yes,  we carry on filling ourselves with things that just don’t quite satisfy.  Un-useful containers in a world hungry to have someone carry something to them, to pour out from their vessel something of value, of worth, of dignity into this world’s vessel that is dying to be filled with something that really satisfies; something alive; some Living water to quench that thirst to really be known and to be loved.

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You and I, Christ followers, fragile earthen vessels designed for this great God mission–the carrying of the gospel of peace; the good news of Jesus Christ, His love and grace and power for living—we get to choose to fulfill His purpose in creating us as empty vessels to be filled with His excellent power–to carry His love into a world that has filled itself with things that don’t satisfy.

See, we’re vessels by design, not by choice. So today, you and I, we will carry something, somewhere to someone.  Choose to carry His love, His light, His Life in your little earthen vessel so that His power can flow out of you and meet the needs of the Vessels you will meet along your journey today.  Yes,  fellow Vessel,let’s carry on……………..

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