Welcome to the Laurel Wood

I am so excited that you’ve decided to come visit for a spell!  My prayer is that you will find this to be a place of rest and refreshment, learning and letting go!  I have been journeying quite a while and often times willfully made my way off of the path God was leading me down, but I have learned, by His grace and mercy, I have learned!

What have I learned?  That His way is sweet, even in the bitter times; that His Word will never steer me down the wrong paths; that His presence is worth much more to me than any other thing the world could ever offer!

And, in all of my wanderings I have found Him always faithful!  He has brought me to this place, this new adventure that I would love to share with you!  I am blessed to be celebrating the release of my first children’s book called, EE Otter and the Bullfrog Bullies.

It takes place in (you’ve guessed it) a quiet and cozy corner of the world called the Laurel Wood!  And although the book is geared toward children, there is so much we as grown up travelers can learn through a little time spent with EE and his friends in the Laurel Wood!

We can discover that so often we take on burdens too heavy for us, burdens we were not ever intended to carry and work ourselves to exhaustion trying to impress God and others with how we’re carrying our load.  But Jesus quietly reminds us to lay our burdens down, to take His yoke upon us because it is easy and His burden is light!  He wants us to trade our weakness and feebleness for His mighty strength!

So, come visit as the Laurel Wood grows!  We’ll be lingering here together to learn how we can apply His timeless truths to our lives and our families out there in the real world!  And, thanks for travelling here with me a spell!  I look forward to our time growing together!