No Tricks, Only Treats

Well I have recently learned that the release of my book has been pushed to Friday, October 31st. And as I learn to rest in and trust God’s perfect timing I know that there is no trick here just a treat! Everything that our God does or allows may not make any sense at all to our human minds and hearts! However, when things happen that we don’t understand it is actually an invitation from God to trust His love and to rely on His character!

In trusting God’s incredible love for us, we begin to experience the treat of true Rest, divine Rest. We don’t always understand His timing. I know that I surely don’t! And, our initial knee-jerk reaction can be to grumble, complain or shake our fist to the heavens in anger and frustration. Our minds can’t see how a good God would make us wait, or allow something awful to take place. We want to know why.

I have realized that I may not always know why. Truly, I may never know the “why” of a situation and that used to drive me crazy. My husband would say, “Baby, some things just are” And, I am learning this truth. I am learning the beauty of it as my stubborn soul gives way to the WHO behind everything. The WHO is a God who is always up to something beautiful and magnificent. The WHO is a good God full of light. I am learning not to be concerned with what my mind may feel like is some cosmic trick, but to allow it to rest in the divine treat of knowing more deeply and intimately the character of my God and Savior! And as Halloween (and hopefully the release of my first book) approach here is a great reminder of the character of our good God, our God who loves us furiously and faithfully:

1 John 1:5 ” And this is the message that we heard from him and declare to you: God is LIGHT, in Him there is NO
darkness AT ALL.”
My prayer is that you will learn, along with me, to trust more deeply our good God, the God of only Light and LIFE!